eBook writing

There are many advantages to be gained from asking a professional writer to complete an eBook for your small business, charity or non-profit organisation. You can:

  1. Boost sales
  2. Increase online visits
  3. Add to your profits

I can send you my FREE eBook “Why You Need An Ebook To Promote Your Business (Without Writing It Yourself).” Click on my contact page and ask for the book.


You have the skills to manage your business, but probably require help writing a book. This is where I can help you.

The book provides you with an opportunity to reach vast numbers of potential customers. You will impress them with your knowledge and help them solve a problem or answer a difficult question.

You can:

  • Establish yourself as the authority in your niche or industry as your eBook demonstrates your knowledge and presents you as a trusted source, rather than simply selling  your products and services
  • By not asking directly for a sale, you will build trust with your potential customer
  • Ask for your customer’s email address in return for the free book you will be building an email marketing list for your future use
  • An eBook can dramatically increase traffic to your website which will help your search engine page rankings
  • You can link your eBook to a specific landing page on your website
  • You will boost your company branding
  • You will sell without the negative connotations attached to selling
  • Once the book is written, it can stay relevant for years
  • This is a free gift from you to your customers

Here was an example of an eBook I wrote called “How to Understand the Best Way to Choose A Pre-paid Funeral Plan.” Click on the link and download it for free.

Your potential and current customers can read your eBook ANYWHERE.

  • On their phone (over 80% of websites are accessed by mobile phones)
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Desktop PC
  • Kindle
  • eReader
  • Online

You help your potential customers know more about your business and make it easy for them.

Use my contact page to find out more about this service and how it can become relevant to you as you look to boost your marketing strategies. I will send you my free book about writing an eBook for your business.

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