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Theatre Play: Misappropriation (2 Act; 90 minutes)


University girls find robbery and stealing a better way to avoid paying long term loans to cover student fees – and far more exhilarating; until they get caught in the act!

Radio Play: Misappropriation (53 minutes)

University girls find robbery and stealing a better way to avoid paying long term loans to cover student fees – and far more exhilarating; until they get caught in the act!

Screenplay: Marriage of Inconvenience


A scheming foreign actress manipulates a fake marriage for a US visa, but after her bizarre husband viciously attacks her she plots her journey to rediscover her sanity by confronting the truth and probable extradition.

Theatre sketch: Wearing My Football Skin


Examining the differences of skin colour among footballers. A brief investigation into the effects of racism, discrimination and prejudice – all in one shot from the penalty spot and straight through the goal posts.



Fiction Novel: Just about to announce the title (That’s not what it’s called.)


When Londoner Harold Webber dies, his daughter, feisty LARA MILLER, discovers that his Will has been forged by two scammers who prey on lonely, elderly people, to steal their property and money. The police won’t help so Webber’s daughter teams up with old fashioned lawyer, DAVID SHELTON, to expose the fraudsters. Enter a young American blonde who says she was Webber’s last lover and was promised she’d inherit everything. Likewise, a Barbadian beauty steps from the shadows. Are they gold-diggers or is one of them telling the truth and who will claim the estate?

Short version:

A feisty daughter unearths scammers who have forged her dead father’s Will, when two young gold-diggers attempt to steal the estate, so she turns to an old fashioned amateur lawyer to expose the fraudsters.

Non-Fiction book: From Old Trafford to Paradise


From playing football at Old Trafford for Manchester United, followed by joining a team in Barbados, playing on rough, unrolled fields, with a cricket pitch through the centre circle. How life and football, changes with age. Hilarious anecdotes that will amuse the Bajan’s and confuse the English. From trying to avoid the six yard box where the cow had just released its diarrhoea, to the referee who insisted that he would not start the game until the players tucked in their shirts.

Funeral Plan eBook: How to Understand the best Way to Choose a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan


  1. What are Pre-Paid Funeral Plans?
  2. How are they used?
  3. How to search for the best Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?
  4. What questions do you need to ask?
  5. Who can help you answer those questions?
  6. How to organise your own funeral in advance
  7. Why insurance policies are not the best solution to cover your funeral properly

Non-Fiction book: 100 Lessons for Each Financial Phase of Your Life


Practical straight talking explanations to ease your path throughout life.

Learning what they don’t teach you at school. How to prepare for a job; consider working self-employed; mapping your career; planning for your family and home; savings for planned events; saving for the unknown; considering your health issues and planning for retirement.



When you’re looking for my articles across the internet, most (hundreds, to be approximately precise; free-gift for the grammar police) were ghost written and won’t be attached to my name, but there are several you can scoot over and inspect. Digest, laugh or chuckle where applicable.

Funeral article over at Medium: Do You Always Say Yes To A Funeral Invite?

1960’s star Freddie Garrity of Freddie and the Dreamers; article for Will writing and probate company: Do You Plan Your Life or Dream?

Film/DVD: Life is a Game, Football is Life

How to Better Your Life by Defeating Procrastination

How to Write a Letter to Your MP

When an Accident at Work Can Close Your Business




Theatre play ‘The Mountaintop,’ by Katori Hall , reviewed.

Interview with film and theatre producer, Melissa Simmonds.

Film review in Barbados Today of ‘Barbados-Today-Hush-3.’

Film review of A Caribbean Dream film review



Fit, healthy and Staying That Way, 40+ by Norman Brown


The Woman Who Never Was by Jane Doe


Beyond a Shadow of Doubt by Jane Doe


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